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    Velas Hispaniola is a family-owned business operated by a highly-trained staff, whose values are grounded in communication, honesty and loyalty towards our clients and suppliers. The company is committed to excellence, innovation, surpassing our customer's expectations, and offering the highest-quality products at a competitive price. Our production plant is capable of manufacturing over 2 million kilos of candles on a monthly basis - an asset for any custom-made candle that requires large volumes.

    Today the company has more than 300 employees who share a common mission of making the best products while offering special attention to their customers. All candles undergo rigorous quality control to ensure a product of the highest quality and a total client and consumer satisfaction.

    Velas Hispaniola have been a recipient of numerous awards, including the Éxito Awards in 2009, that distinguishes each year businesses and entrepreneurs who have made a pivotal contribution to their respective countries through incredible gains in their sector. We have been named as the leading company in The Dominican Republic in the Industry category. Also awarded for excellence achieved through the proper use of Total Quality Tools, with the Latin American Quality Awards in 2010, recognizing and certifying the Total Quality of products and services offered by business organizations.

    Velas Hispaniola
    Premium Quality

    VELAS HISPANIOLA was born in 2003 after a vacuum was spotted in the wax market by a family that had been in the paraffin-selling business since 1994.