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    In 2002, the company's owners, who had been in the paraffin-selling business since 1994, realized there was a demand in the market not only for the raw material, but also for the finished product, since the paraffin buyers were unable to transform it into candles to satisfy large-quantity orders in a timely fashion. To fill this vacuum, they decided to manufacture candles and invested in high-tech equipment that could convert the raw material into candles and meet the market demand. This project of great vision and hard work, came true, and today Velas Hispaniola is among the leaders in the candle manufacturing.

    Founded in the British Virgin Islands, Velas Hispaniola began exporting from its facilities in the Dominican Republic in May of 2003. Its location, in the heart of the Caribbean, is a strategic point for exporting to foreign countries using an organized logistics system that allows high efficiency in processing transactions and customer orders.

    Velas Hispaniola currently exports to North, Central and South America, as well as to the Caribbean islands. Our candles are sold in major supermarket chains throughout the United States, and the company's growth has been so robust that it was responsible for making the Dominican Republic the leading exporter of candles to the United States as of 2008.

    Velas Hispaniola
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    VELAS HISPANIOLA was born in 2003 after a vacuum was spotted in the wax market by a family that had been in the paraffin-selling business since 1994.