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    Velas Hispaniola is strategically located in the heart of the Caribbean, which translates in lower shipping costs, shorter transit times to the rest of the islands in the region, North, Central and South America. Well known shipping lines depart several times a week directly to destinations all over the world, so you can expect to receive your orders not just fast but with punctuality. Our advantages won't limit just in geography. We are established in the Dominican Republic, a competitive nation with excellent infraestructure that has free trade agreements with many countries and this could mean big savings to our customers since these alliances usually includes elimination of tariffs, import quotas, and preferences on most goods and services traded between them. For further information on this subject you can contact us at info@velashispaniola.com

    DR-CAFTA: Free Trade with the USA and Central American countries.

    CARICOM: With the Caribbean countries.

    CARIFORUM: With Europe and the Caribbean countries.

    EPA: With Europe.

    Velas Hispaniola
    Premium Quality

    VELAS HISPANIOLA was born in 2003 after a vacuum was spotted in the wax market by a family that had been in the paraffin-selling business since 1994.